Exploring Alaska in 7 days & 10 days: An Unforgettable Summer Itinerary

Published: September 21, 2023

Alaska’s vastness is both a blessing and a challenge for vacation planning. While it offers endless natural beauty and unique experiences, traveling between destinations can take significant time. Unlike the Lower 48, where attractions are often clustered close together, Alaska’s highlights are spread out over hundreds of miles.

This is why most visitors spend a week or two in Alaska – it allows time to experience the best parts without feeling rushed. However, with limited time, you’ll need to prioritize. Trying to cram too much in can mean spending most of your vacation on the road (or in the air).

Our Alaska Tours travel experts help you maximize your Alaskan adventure! We’ve meticulously crafted a few sample 7-day and 10-day Alaska itineraries that considers travel times and ensures you soak in every bit of Alaska’s splendor.

Why Alaska Is Your Next Dream Summer Destination 

Alaska’s vast landscapes aren’t just scenery; they’re an invitation to escape the ordinary and reconnect with the raw power of nature. You can witness towering mountains pierce the clouds with snow-capped peaks, majestic glaciers glistening under the midnight sun and explore your way through untouched wilderness, encountering a diverse range of wildlife from bears and moose to whales and eagles. Alaska offers a haven for those seeking peace and tranquility in nature’s embrace.

But Alaska isn’t just about breathtaking scenery. It’s also about culture and adventure. Imagine kayaking through crystal-clear glacial lakes and engaging in thrilling outdoor adventures like whale watching, glacier hiking, and wildlife viewing tours. Alaska also offers unique cultural experiences that are derived from the rich traditions of Native Alaskan communities. Whether you seek breathtaking scenery, pulse-pounding adventure, or a glimpse into a different way of life, Alaska has something for everyone.

Summer landscape of cow moose in watery meadow with Chugach Mountains in background near Girdwood, Alaska summer June 2015
(C) Jeff Schultz/SchultzPhoto.com

A Week in Alaska: A Memorable 7-day Alaska Itinerary

Whether you’re looking for a 7 day Alaska itinerary for the summer or a 10 day Alaska itinerary that covers all seasons, the most popular pairing of Alaska destinations for a week-long to 10-day trip is exploring the magic of Kenai Fjords as well as the majesty of Denali National Park. No matter how you travel there, you’ll get to see the infamous mountain of Denali from many miles away, and it gets even more impressive as you near the park. Once inside the park, there are adventures galore, our guided bus tours bring you close to nature, allowing you to take in all the sights and experience the majestic beauty of the national park.

  • Begin your adventure with the Alaska Glaciers and Wildlife Tour. Start with a mesmerizing daylong glacier cruise out of Seward around Kenai Fjords through Prince William Sound, witness calving glaciers, incredible marine life, and the region’s ethereal beauty. Then head north to Alaska’s crown jewel – Denali National Park.
  • Another popular itinerary is our Alaska Railroad Adventure Tour that transports you by the Alaska Railroad to Denali and includes a riverboat excursion in Fairbanks and a glacier cruise on Prince William Sound from Whittier.

Explore Alaska with Ease: Guided Group Itineraries

  • Those who prefer a guided experience to make the most of their Alaska time can take advantage of the several Alaska Tours escorted group itineraries. The Grand Alaska Vacation Tour promises an all-encompassing week of fun, showcasing the best of Alaska highlights in South Central and Interior Alaska. Travel from Anchorage to Seward and then onwards to Denali, exploring captivating landscapes, engaging in culturally and historically enriching experiences, with good-times adventures along the way.
  • And if you want to kick back and join a guided bus tour with train rides in the Dome cars of the Alaska Railroad, you might like our Alaska National Parks Guided Bus Tour. This vacation delves deeper into national parks’ wilderness, giving you a chance to explore Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, and Kenai Fjords National Parks.

Travel through scenic landscape on the Alaska Railroad.

For Independent Spirits: The Great Alaska Road Trip

  • If you’re more of an independent traveler who prefers to plan your own adventures at your own pace, you might also enjoy our self-drive itineraries. The Great Alaska Road Trip for example is a great option to consider. In just a week, you can travel the picturesque highways to Denali and Seward. Around every bend and at every stop offers exploration and adventure options.

Family Adventures and Fishing Expeditions

  • For those whose Alaska travel dreams won’t be complete without reeling in the king of Alaska fish (salmon) and witnessing the wildlife of Denali National Park, the Alaska Denali Kenai Glaciers & Fishing Tour is the perfect pick. This well-crafted itinerary allows you to experience the allure of Denali National Park, some glacier grandeur, and the excitement of playing in one of Alaska’s, if not the world’s, best fishing aquatic playgrounds.
  • And if you’re so inclined, you can also spend a whole trip on the Kenai Peninsula and still leave craving more. Consider a week devoted to seeing everything between Homer and Seward, and that’s a lot. The Alaska Kenai Vacation Tour is perfect for families. It offers a captivating blend of marine adventures (kayaking, wildlife viewing and glacier cruises), fishing, as well as experiencing the charming coastal towns and their food, fun and Alaskan friendliness.
people on the bow of the tour boat 'Glacier Express' viewing a humpback whale breaching

Day 3: Look for glaciers and wildlife on a cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park

Best Alaska Itinerary For 10 Days

Embrace the freedom of exploring at your own pace with our best 10 day Alaska itinerary, tailored for adventurers like you. Traverse breathtaking landscapes, from Denali’s rugged beauty to Seward’s coastal charm, making every moment an opportunity for discovery.

  • The Alaska By Rail Tour is a fan favorite, especially among train enthusiasts and those who like to take their time to soak in the sights. This 10-day Alaska itinerary takes you along every major mile of Alaska railroad track, starting in Seward, traveling through quirky Talkeetna, into Denali National Park, with the finish line in Fairbanks, where Midnight Sun magic and Gold Rush history abound. And each stop along the Alaska Railroad’s route offers unique experiences along the way.
  • Alternatively, the Relax Alaska Tour lives up to its name, providing ample time for the Alaska visitor to explore and unwind. In your extra days, you can dive deeper into the local cultures and cuisines within Alaska, learn more about regional and statewide history, Alaska Native lifestyles, and enjoy a wider range of activities, ensuring that your Alaska experience is truly immersive while still proceeding at an enjoyable pace.
  • Maybe you’d prefer to be your own tour guide, driving and experiencing even more of Alaska’s culture, history and scenery on your own. If so, the Alaska Highlights Tour might be just the ticket. This is a self-drive expedition that takes you to Denali, Fairbanks, Valdez, and Seward. This is another fabulous Alaska road trip, weaving through diverse landscapes, past towering peaks and coastal wonders, breathtaking waterfalls and glistening glaciers, and towns that are highlights in their own right.
  • And finally, our Family Driving Vacation is perfect for families on the go in Alaska with loved ones of all ages, young and not-so-young. This Alaska vacation itinerary provides the flexibility of more time for getting from one exciting point to the next, all while encouraging family bonding and active as you travel together scanning for wildlife through the best landscapes you can dream of.

Group Of Tourists View Mt.Mckinley From Tundra Overlook Near Wonder Lake Denali National Park Alaska

Conclusion: Your Alaska, Your Adventure

With Alaska Tours, every itinerary is an invitation to explore, dream, and discover. Whether you’re drawn by the call of the wild or the promise of peaceful landscapes, we’re here to guide you through an unforgettable Alaskan journey. All visitors, both new and repeat travelers, can make the most of their Alaska Holiday whether its for a week or 10 days thanks to the carefully curated itineraries and tours offered by Alaska Tours. 

Whether you choose to explore Kenai Fjords, get wowed by Denali Park, or embark on an extended expedition to even more areas around the state, your Alaska adventure will be nothing short of spectacular. So, pack your bags, embrace Alaska’s vastness and excitement and get ready for some major fun!

Ready to start planning your Alaskan adventure? Contact Alaska Tours today! We’ll help you craft the perfect itinerary to experience the Last Frontier in all its glory.