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Valdez is a picturesque community located on Prince William Sound in Southcentral, Alaska. It is well known for its fishing heritage and as one of Alaska’s few ice-free ports. The surrounding coastal mountains have been compared to those of the Swiss Alps.

The original town of Valdez, founded in 1898, was created via a scam to lure prospectors off the Klondike Gold Rush trail. Steamship companies promoted the Valdez Glacier Trail as a better route than Skagway for miners to reach the Klondike gold fields and the Copper River fields in interior Alaska. With steep glacier trails, many miners died attempting the crossing, and Valdez only flourished after the construction of the Richardson Highway in 1899. The highway connected Valdez and Fairbanks and permanently established the town as the first overland supply station in the interior of Alaska.

Since its gold rush days, Valdez has evolved into an important shipping center because it is the most northerly year-round, ice-free port in the western hemisphere. Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was completed in 1977, and Valdez was chosen as the terminus for the 800-mile pipeline out of Prudhoe Bay. During the construction phase of the pipeline, Valdez’s population surged to 10,000. When it was completed, and the oil started flowing, the people settled to their current level of about 4,000 year-round residents.


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Duck Flats Kayaking Tour from Valdez

On this guided Alaska kayaking tour from Valdez, you will kayak into the calm protected waters of the Valdez “duck flats.” This kayaking day trip will follow a chain of small islands recognized for their nesting birds and sun... Browse tour

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Shoup Glacier Kayaking Tour

This Valdez kayaking tour to Shoup Glacier offers an intimate experience at one of Prince William Sounds’ many calving tidewater glaciers. This day trip is perfect for both beginner and experienced kayakers. Climb aboard a motor boat for a... Browse tour

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Columbia Glacier Kayaking Tour

On this Valdez day tour, search for wildlife such as whales, sea otters, and sea lions as you cruise for two hours to the Columbia Glacier by water taxi. This is Alaska’s second-largest tidewater glacier. Since the early 1980s,... Browse tour

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Columbia Glacier Cruise

This Valdez day tour with a glacier and wildlife cruise through Prince William Sound features a visit to Columbia Glacier. On board, you can view Prince Williams Sound’s diverse wildlife, including sea lions, sea otters, and whales. Learn about... Browse tour

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Meares Glacier Cruise from Valdez

This Valdez day tour takes you on a 110-mile glacier cruise through the majestic waters of Prince William Sound to Meares Glacier. On board, you can spot and photograph Prince William Sound wildlife, including sea otters, harbor seals, sea... Browse tour

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