Sitka Tours and Outdoor Adventures

Originally settled by the native Tlingit people, the town of Sitka, Alaska offers a combination of Native culture, Russian history, and Alaskan wilderness which will provide a diverse and unequaled Alaska travel experience. One look at lovely Sitka and you’ll know why Alexander Baranof, governor of the Russian American Company, decided to establish a settlement here in 1799. Located on Baranof Island and the southern half of Chichagof Island and part of the Alaska Panhandle facing the Gulf of Alaska with views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water’s edge, Sitka is considered one of Alaska’s most beautiful seaside towns.

Sitka day tours include popular marine wildlife cruises and kayaking tours among tour favorites. The nearby waters surrounding Sitka are a popular feeding ground for humpback whales, tufted puffins and other sea birds. You may also spot sea otters, sea lions and other marine wildlife.


We are not offering day tours in Sitka in 2023 but you might be interested in our multi-day Northern Passage & Glacier Bay Cruise

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