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There’s nothing quite as powerful as a good story. If you’re planning a vacation to Alaska, this is a great place to get inspiration and ideas. From travel tips to insider perspectives, from wildlife facts to photos and videos, you’ll begin to see why Alaska will be one of your favorite destinations to visit – for years to come.

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Glaciers are both grand and abundant in Alaska, and there’s an extra-special Alaska destination where they aren’t just the main attraction, they’re also a namesake. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Southeast Alaska is a world-renown travelers' mecca. Glacier Bay's park headquarters are based in Gustavus, Alaska, just west of Juneau and north of Hoonah at the end of... Read More

So, Alaska’s icy glaciers have you intrigued. Maybe you're wondering; What’s so special about glaciers anyway? Where do they come from? And what's the best way to experience them? First of all, Alaska's glaciers are pretty cool! Very cool in fact. "Cool" as in awesome to experience in person, and "cool" as in cold as ice. Alaska’s glaciers are pretty sure... Read More

Like most of the modern world, Alaska is also experiencing rapid change - but in its own unique ways. These changes extend across cultural, demographic and technological spectrums while Alaskan climates, landscapes and seasons also continue to shift. Alaska has always been a place of extremes and transformations, booms and busts, and for the most part these recent revolutions are making... Read More

Twice a year, Alaskans celebrate two holidays, Seward's Day and Alaska Day, that mark the state’s unique entry into American history, while simultaneously recognizing Alaska’s departure from Russia’s hold. Seward’s Day lands on the last Monday of March and commemorates the purchase agreement signing for Alaska between the United States and Russia which was brokered on March 30, 1867, by... Read More

If you're the type of Alaska traveler who wants to take control your adventure from the driver's seat, hands on the steering wheel, guiding your travel companions to every great Alaska destination and landmark on your bucket lists, you've come to the right place. All independent spirits who prefer driving themselves and their crew around the state's spectacular road system... Read More

What’s in a name (or in this case), a nickname? When it comes to cities, towns and villages across Alaska, the names for Alaskan towns often honor Alaska Native heritage and languages – Nenana, Kenai, Skwentna, to list just some of three of hundreds! Other Alaska town names pay tribute to great – and infamous – pioneers, politicians and personalities, such... Read More

Most Alaska visitors eventually land in Anchorage at either the start or finale (but sometimes midway) as part of their Alaska tour itinerary. But do you know how best to spend your time in Anchorage and the 5 best things to do there? Here are our top 5 picks for a visit to Anchorage: #1: Visit Seward via the Alaska Railroad By far... Read More

Was your 2021 Alaska cruise just cancelled by your cruise company? With Transport Canada’s February 2021 announcement banning large cruise ships (100+ passengers) bound for Alaska from operating in Canadian waters and docking in Canada until February 2022, many people are wondering whether they will be able to cruise to Alaska this summer. Even if you are not able to sail... Read More

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is America’s largest national wildlife refuge and Alaska at its wildest, rawest, most remote and adventurous. Better known to most by its acronym ANWR (pronounced ann-wahr), the refuge is more than 19 million acres of largely untarnished and incredibly diverse land in the northeast corner of Alaska’s Arctic. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge features miles... Read More

As we begin to travel again to Alaska in 2021 (or begin planning future travel), it is important to be aware of steps being implemented by the travel industry to keep us as safe as possible while we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, these practices will continue to evolve as information about the incidence... Read More