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Alaska is well-known and well-traveled, and part of that popularity lies in the mystique of its locale in the Far North. But does everyone exactly WHERE Alaska thrives in the northern hemisphere? While some have a decent idea of Alaska’s location (northwest of Canada, east of Russia, somewhere near the Arctic Circle), that description might make a journey to Alaska seem... Read More

Twice a year, Alaskans celebrate two holidays, Seward's Day and Alaska Day, that mark the state’s unique entry into American history, while simultaneously recognizing Alaska’s departure from Russia’s hold. Seward’s Day lands on the last Monday of March and commemorates the purchase agreement signing for Alaska between the United States and Russia which was brokered on March 30, 1867, by... Read More

What’s in a name (or in this case), a nickname? When it comes to cities, towns and villages across Alaska, the names for Alaskan towns often honor Alaska Native heritage and languages – Nenana, Kenai, Skwentna, to list just some of three of hundreds! Other Alaska town names pay tribute to great – and infamous – pioneers, politicians and personalities, such... Read More

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is America’s largest national wildlife refuge and Alaska at its wildest, rawest, most remote and adventurous. Better known to most by its acronym ANWR (pronounced ann-wahr), the refuge is more than 19 million acres of largely untarnished and incredibly diverse land in the northeast corner of Alaska’s Arctic. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge features miles... Read More

When visiting Alaska, some of this state's many highlights stand out loud and clear, for example Alaska's many national parks and abundant and diverse wildlife. However, there is so much more to see and do when planning a vacation in Alaska! We've assembled an insider's list of some of the more unusual and fascinating Alaska attractions to include in your... Read More

Winter in Alaska is an exceptionally noteworthy experience. As temperatures drop and daylight dwindles to just a few hours a day, out of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, a green glow begins to blanket evening-to-morning landscapes. Large ribbons of light materialize in the sky, stretching across the horizon and reaching high into the atmosphere. These celestial displays move slowly at... Read More

Centuries before planes, freighters and friends brought favorite American foods north to Alaska, Alaska’s Native people led lifestyles of subsistence and survival. Traditional patterns of hunting, harvesting, fishing and foraging followed the waxing and waning Alaska sun and changing seasons. Despite the emergence of easy-to-eat and prepare, convenience-oriented fast food in Alaska, traditional Native Alaskan foods are still part of Alaska’s... Read More

In Alaska, the hottest fashion trend is warmth. Saying that Alaska’s weather is wild is the most accurate meteorological forecast ever. In fact, Alaska is a land of extreme weather that can change fast and swing unpredictably. T-shirts and sunburn in March? It’s a thing! Ask any happy Alaskan skier. Facing a real-life "snow globe" moment while hiking Flattop near Anchorage... Read More

For nearly 100 years, the Alaska Railroad has taken passengers to classic Alaska destinations and adventures aboard an iconic form of American transportation - travel by rail. One bonus to traveling by rail is that the Alaska Railroad treats its passengers to some rather unique "good times" with an array of annual special events that you can only experience by... Read More

Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun is also the Land of the Majestic Mountains. When people think of Alaska mountains, their minds instantly go to Denali, formerly Mt. McKinley. And for good reason: Denali is North America’s tallest peak and easily Alaska’s most popular. The mountain is magnetic to climbers, sightseers and Alaskans, who visit its namesake park by the... Read More