Sustainability Policy

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Alaska Tours recognizes that all businesses have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment – especially tourism businesses operating in the unique natural wilderness of Alaska. We are committed to finding ways to promote sustainability and any negative impacts to our natural resources in the state of Alaska.

At Alaska Tours:

  • We value and remain attentive to care for the environment and to recognize Alaska’s cultures and unique quality of life.
  • We seek out partners who practice keeping Alaska pristine and use local companies who are invested in the long-term health of our unique ecosystems whenever possible.
  • And, in support of being a business committed to environmental and cultural sustainability, it is our policy to:
    • Recycle as much waste material as possible.  This includes mixed paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum and tin cans.
    • Avoid the use of paper wherever possible. For example we send invoices and quotes via email as PDF files.
    • Recycling equipment that is no longer of use to the company including retired computers, monitors and printers no longer in use.
    • Keep energy usage low using Alaska’s natural summer daylight to keep lights off whenever possible, change to low energy light bulbs throughout the office and ensure that computers are shut down after work.
    • Reuse waste paper (from the printer) by making use of the blank side for notes.
    • Purchase paper products made with recycled paper, including printer paper as available in Alaska.
    • Purchase and use products with a lower environmental impact such as hand soaps and cleaning products.
    • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone and email.
    • Transition from printed paper to electronic documents and service vouchers to reduce and eventually eliminate paper waste.