Alaskana : Alaska's Lifestyles

Celebrating What Makes Alaskans So Unique

Are you fascinated by the local Alaskans who decided to make their home in America’s 49th state? It takes an adventurous spirit to visit Alaska and it takes a special breed to live and thrive in this remote, rugged, distant and diverse state. Alaskans are independent and pioneering, they live for fresh air and friendship, they work hard and play harder, and they enjoy sharing the best of their state with everyone just as much as they love exploring the state themselves.

While ”Alaskana” typically refers to written works about Alaska, the term “Alaskana” can conjure up many diverse definitions and varied visions of the Alaska lifestyle. Some people immediately think of the sourdoughs and pioneers, trappers and miners who chased their dreams to the roughest, toughest, coldest and most remote regions of the state. Others think of Alaska Native people and their lifestyles of subsistence hunting and fishing, languages and land use, crafts and games. Some envision the Alaska Gold Rush and the Alaska oil boom while others think riverboats, railroad cars, fishing vessels and dogsleds or maybe salmon, moose, whales and bears. Ultimately, “Alaskana” is the embodiment of Alaska’s rich history and its fascinating collection of cultures and lifestyles.

We’ve selected a group of “Alaskana” itineraries which showcase the multitude of attributes of Alaska which represent or attracted so many to this unique destination. Proximity to nature and wildlife, a pioneering spirit and a rugged determination to chart their own course unites many Alaskans.  “Alaskana” tours will help you discover what makes Alaskans – well, Alaskans!

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Escorted Tour
Duration: 6 Days
Starting at: $1529 / per person

The Alaska Explorer Tour is a one-way, guided group bus tour, ideal for a pre-cruise adventure in Alaska. In addition to expert commentary by your tour leader, in Fairbanks, a visit... Read more.

Duration: 12 Days
Starting at: $2719 / per person

This tour is a great adventure! Ride the Alaska Railroad, explore Denali National Park, search for gold, meet a sled dog team and much more! This “Circle Alaska” adventure... Read more.

Duration: 7 Days
Starting at: $1979 / per person

Enjoy a Glacier Cruise in Prince William Sound and see Denali National Park. Travel aboard the Alaska Railroad and discover local highlights in each Alaska town you visit. From a... Read more.

Duration: 11 Days
Starting at: $2959 / per person

See all the best places: Anchorage, Seward, Kenai Fjords National Park, Denali National Park, Talkeetna and Fairbanks in a relaxed pace. Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you travel... Read more.

Duration: 3 Days
Starting at: $1250 / per person

Bettles Lodge is located 35 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is one of the best places for Aurora Viewing in Alaska! Bettles is easily reached from Fairbanks. Bettles Lodge is a... Read more.

Unique Itinerary
Duration: 10 Days
Starting at: $3379 / per person

Create your own Alaskan odyssey! Enjoy a fascinating overland journey across the state from the glacier-filled shores of the Pacific Ocean to the vast tundra of the Arctic. This... Read more.

Duration: 6 Days
Starting at: $4979 / per person

Located on the Katmai Coast and in Katmai National Park, this lodge offers one of the most unique bear viewing experiences in Alaska. Imagine being able to safely stay at a... Read more.