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Ingenious “Only In Alaska” Inventions: Kayaks, Ulus, Gut-Skin Clothing

For early Alaskans, survival relied on being strong and smart, resilient and resourceful. There was little room for error and no space for waste – everything available in Alaska served multiple purposes and was used to its fullest potential. The unique Alaskan lifestyle is embodied in the inspired inventions, tools and clothing created and used every day. Here are three... Read More

Native American Totem Poles in Alaska

Standing tall, colorful, powerful and somewhat mysteriously are some of Alaska's most intriguing treasures and unique storytellers – Native American totem poles. While beautiful, these intricately and creatively carved and painted cedar tree structures are far more than local Alaska art. The carvings are monuments created by the indigenous Haida, Tsimshian and Tlingit artists of the region whose totem poles tell... Read More