Skagway Shore Excursions & Outdoor Adventures

Skagway Alaska, located in Alaska’s Panhandle and a popular stop on many Alaska cruises, has a unique place in Alaska’s history; known as the “Gateway to the Yukon” during the Klondike gold rush. Originally the setting for Jack London’s book Call of the Wild, today one can almost hear the cries of “Gold in the Yukon!” echoing from Skagway’s canyon walls.

There are a wide variety of Skagway day tours and excursions that give you a feel for the town, bring you to the Yukon and take you back to those Gold Rush days. Choices include excursions up the Klondike Trail aboard The White Pass & Yukon Route train and guided sightseeing to relive the gold rush history that put Skagway on the world map in the late 1800’s, including trips into Canada’s Yukon Territory following the path of the Great Stampede. Helicopter tours to the nearby ice fields, including glacier landings and dog sledding are also available.

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This tour is a favorite among those seeking a more complete Gold Rush experience. Travel 150 miles roundtrip on an awesome adventure into Canada’s Yukon Territory! Experience... Read more.