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Winter Stays

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Borealis Basecamp and Northern Lights Tour

Book now for fall and winter 2023/24! Just outside of Fairbanks, Borealis Basecamp offers a new and unique way to see the Northern Lights. The fiberglass domes at Borealis Basecamp have clear, curved windows that stretch 16 feet across... Browse tour

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a person viewing green aurora through a fiberglass dome

Alaska Dreams Winter Tour

Start your adventure with a glacier trek from Anchorage, then continue your journey north to Fairbanks with the Alaska Railroad. Finally, conclude your trip with a stay at the exclusive Borealis Basecamp, where you can watch for the northern... Browse tour

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green aurora over a boreal forest in winter

Fairbanks Northern Lights Viewing

Spend three nights in Fairbanks exploring the history and culture of this modern northern city, including the opportunity to view the spectacular northern lights, a sight the area is known for around the world. The day starts with a... Browse tour

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green aurora over a hill with snow and spruce trees

Chena Hot Springs and Northern Lights

Chena Hot Springs Resort offers an outdoor hot springs rock lake and an indoor pool, perfect for relaxing. Admission to the pools is included. The resort also offers guests a restaurant and is home to the Aurora Ice Museum,... Browse tour

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Bettles Lodge Winter Adventure

Fly from Fairbanks across the tremendous interior region of Alaska, landing 35 miles across the Arctic Circle in the remote outpost of Bettles. The area surrounding Bettles boasts many clear sky nights and sits directly below the Aurora Band's... Browse tour

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