Northern Lights

Experience nature's best lightshow

Northern lights tours showcase a natural phenomenon like none other!  The most reliable opportunities to see Alaska’s northern lights (the aurora borealis) are in Fairbanks and above the Arctic Circle.  The aurora belt in Alaska’s great Interior and Arctic regions is among the most active in the world, and there are few other places on earth so well suited for an aurora borealis vacation.

While there are no guarantees that the northern lights show will happen on any particular night, Alaska northern lights trips are typically best made in late fall and winter/early spring.  However, they can also be seen in winter on nights with clear skies.  If you visit Alaska in November, December, or January, you will experience a short period of daylight, providing a unique experience in the high northern hemisphere.  In February and March, there are longer daylight hours for you to enjoy, with evenings that still offer maximum aurora viewing opportunities.  No Alaska bucket list is complete without experiencing Alaska’s Northern Lights!


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Anchorage Aurora Quest Tour

This aurora borealis photo tour from Anchorage is designed to maximize fun and opportunity for those fascinated with Alaska’s northern lights. The 4-6 hour tour to photograph the aurora’s lightshows will begin with a pick you up at... Browse itinerary

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