Learn to Fly Fish in Alaska

Published: May 21, 2024

Fly fishing, with its elegant choreography of line and lure and its balance of art and technique, is an enchanting pursuit for many fishing fanatics.

Fly fishing isn’t simply about casting and catching fish. It’s about immersing yourself in nature, surrounded by the soothing sounds of streams, lakes and rivers, perfecting the intricate skills and subtle wrist-flicking nuances of casting that land handcrafted flies on the water’s surface and entice eager bites from the fish below. Fly fishing demands patience, passion – and practice, practice, practice and there’s no better setting to learn the art of fly fishing than in Alaska.

Alaska boasts world-class fly fishing for a variety of species.

The Best Fly-Fishing Destinations in Alaska

If you want to get started planning a fishing trip up north, check out our best tips about where and when to go fishing in Alaska. And luckily, terrific fly fishing opportunities abound all over the state. Whether you seek the calm waters of remote crystalline rivers and creeks or calm lakes surrounded by wilderness far from the crowds or more urban-proximate locations, fishermen (and women) can find lots of diverse opportunities across the state whether you are just learning to fly fish or are a seasoned veteran.

Day Tours: Learn How to Fly Fish

For beginners, a fly-out guided fly fishing day trip from Anchorage will give you an “only-in-Alaska” master class on fly fishing fun and techniques as well as a full day of adventure. Take off from Alaska’s urban travel hub, departing in a float plane to a remote fishing lodge near some of the world’s best fly fishing. Expert fly fishing guides will outfit you with all of the necessary fly fishing gear before providing instruction on how to fly fish, from techniques to equipment, giving you a deep understanding of the “how tos”. Every cast can be considered a lesson in practice and precision, a chance to hone your craft amidst a breathtaking Alaska backdrop of forested landscapes. And, of course, every cast presents a chance to land a fish! Here’s what you can catch on an Alaska fishing day tour.

Fly fishing for salmon in an Alaskan stream.

You can also choose to shore fish when learning to fly fish especially if you are practicing and are traveling around on your own independently. We know of at least 8 great hot spots for excellent shore fishing across Alaska.

Fly Fishing Lodge Stays

For those seeking even more immersive fly-fishing learning experiences, consider an overnight stay at a special Alaska lodge nestled in a remote area near fantastic fishing. Each day in these wilderness paradises brings new opportunities to learn and fall deeper in love with fly fishing – not to mention chances to catch some of Alaska’s most wanted fish, from salmon to rainbow trout and more.

Adventure is literally in the name of the Orca Adventure Lodge, and its remote and spectacular setting near Prince William Sound energizes visitors every day with the possibility of fly fishing fun. Guided by experts, guests cast their lines all day into the lodge’s ocean-front waters teeming with salmon and trout. Come evening, guests share fishing tales around crackling campfires. Based in fishing-crazy Cordova, this is the perfect place to fuel fly fishing fantasies.

Orca Adventure Lodge on the shores of Prince William Sound in Cordova.

The luxurious Redoubt Bay Lodge is another great choice among Alaska fishing lodges. You can travel by seaplane from Anchorage and enjoy a very comfortable 2-night stay here surrounded by the 171,000-acre Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat Area, with nearby fishing on Big River Lake and surrounding streams.

two people fly-fishing from a small boat on a lake while a third person steers

Fishing for salmon on Big River Lakes from Redoubt Bay Lodge.

A third Alaska fishing lodge option is the Kenai Riverside Lodge which you’ll find in Cooper Landing on the Kenai Peninsula. This beautiful log lodge with private cabins is set along one of the world’s most famous fishing waterways, the salmon-and-trout filled and action-packed Kenai River. The Kenai’s legendary fishing promise you some of the best fishing around while also offering anglers rare riverside serenity. KRL fishing guides provide both novices and seasoned anglers experienced tips about fly casting and catching once you’ve got a fish on your line. And in addition to the thrills of fishing on the Kenai River, the lodge provides the best in hospitality – from fine meals to the campfire patio overlooking the river to its relaxing sauna.

Kenai Riverside Lodge guided fishing.

In Alaska, you can practically cast for and catch fish in every waterway of this massive state, from remote lakes to world-class rivers to creeks running along the downtown of the state’s largest city. So for those chasing fly fishing fun who are up for some scenic practice and skill building, Alaska is an awesome and accessible world renown fishing destination that will make your dream of learning to fly fish – a reality. Discover why it’s so easy to “get hooked” on fishing in Alaska! Fish ON!

Fly fishing in Bristol Bay in the evening near Crystal Creek Lodge in King Salmon in Southwest Alaska.