The Alaska Challenge: Can You Do All 9 of These on Your Alaska Trip?

Published: March 3, 2016

With 25+ years of helping visitors experience Alaska, our local experts at Alaska Tours have come up with The “Official” Alaska Bucket List based upon what we know are the most iconic, unique and “only in Alaska” experiences to be had in America’s Last Frontier. Have you crossed these off your bucket list?

Grab a shot of a Grizzly Bear Gulping Down his Salmon Dinner

Photograph a brown bear catching, and dining on, salmon while you stand safely just a few feet away. Bear viewing just might give you some semi-permanent goosebumps! Do you know the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly?


Travel to Denali’s Summit

Say “hi” to high altitude and the great Denali, North America’s largest peak. Tour Denali National Park by taking a flightseeing tour circling Denali’s peak at 20,322 feet.

Phil Morris McKinley

Photograph a Whale Breaching

Learn the difference between Orcas, gray whales and humpbacks. Then aim your camera and fire away!


Reel In a Salmon

Learn the techniques which will land a silver, a King or a sockeye. Take your catch back and grill it up. There’s simply nothing like fresh salmon. Take home a raft of recipes.

Riversong Lodge Guests, Guide, King Salmon

Catch the Northern Lights

It might be a bit chilly out in the fall or winter night, but the sight of these spectacular natural light shows will fill you with warmth and excitement.


Drive Your Own Team of Sled Dogs

Meet the individuals who make up your team and learn the commands you need to control these powerful friendly four footed racers.

Dog Mushing1

Snap a Picture of the Sunset at 11:59 PM

Learn how Alaska’s midnight sun changes more than our circadian rhythms. Explore how local Alaskan lifestyles change when the sun doesn’t set until midnight.

Sunset over Zachar Bay

Video a Glacier Calving

Listen to your glacier cruise boat push through floating ice then watch for the crash of a calving glacier. Catch it all on video…if you can!


Take a Taste of Eskimo Ice Cream

This is the real-deal and wait until you learn what’s in the recipe!

eskimo ice