Our Guide Was Great!

Published: February 20, 2021

“Our guide for the Turnaround Turnagain tour was great! He grew up in AK and gave us a lot of good info about the area. He was also fun to be around and willing to improvise during our tour. He let us stop for photo ops where appropriate and did his best to find animals in their natural habitats and point them out to us. When we got to the height of the sky tram he left everyone to do their own thing for a while but when he found me lost and unsure of what to do he helped me find the best views for my photos! When we went to the animal reserve the snow was so thick that he walked in front of me to create a path so I wouldn’t slip. There were only 2 other people on the tour with me and the company did a perfect job at keeping us socially distanced in and out of the van. Our guide wore his mask the whole time which made us feel very secure. We were only in town for a couple days and I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see a lot of Anchorage in a short amount of time.”

JJ, Google
February 16, 2021