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Alaska Inspires Me

Natural Beauty in All Its Splendor Unfolds Before You

Alaska has inspired visitors, artists, photographers, musicians, pioneers, adventurers and entrepreneurs for centuries.

We find inspiration just living in Alaska, on a daily basis. From diverse topology that morphs from tundra to glaciers and from mountains to rainforests. The many natural colors of landscapes as the seasons change, from Spring’s browns to Summer’s greens, from Fall’s golds to Winter’s white, provide the palette. The light in Alaska is magical from the northern lights to Alaska’s midnight sun. The sounds of Alaska will also ignite your senses from the crack and crash of a glacier calving into the sea, to the lonely call of a wolf or eagle, your ear will learn new sounds.

You can easily find inspiration, and exhilaration, in Alaska’s waters. An 80-pound halibut or a hard-fighting king salmon on your line. A calm kayak ride around a cove or a rowdy raft ride along a raging river. Some succulent scallops and scrumptious shrimp on your plate. And if you connect with animals, you’ve come to the right place. Hearts, and traffic, stop at the sight of goats and sheep standing peacefully on sheer mountain faces. Bears of all sizes just do bear things like snacking on berries or salmon, scratching their backs on a tree or just standing around looking cool.

Inspiration also springs from Alaska hikes that make you feel like you are on top of the world. From cultural experiences that can make your heart pound as you listen to the beats of a group of Alaska Native drummers. From Native art that tells stories and is derived from cultural traditions. You can cross the Arctic Circle, the Iditarod finish line, and the Yukon River. But no matter how hard you try, you can never run out of inspiration in Alaska.


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