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Cultural Discovery

Alaska Native Art, Cultural & Historic Landmarks

Some of the most inspiring and memorable experiences you will take from your Alaska travels is connecting with local cultures. Learn the history and geology of the places you visit and understand the unique Alaska cultures that have evolved in America’s Last Frontier. The state has experienced many significant cultural transitions – from the Russian era to its acquisition by the United States, acting as a strategic outpost in World War II, to the Gold Rush and then the oil boom.

Alaska’s cultural tours showcase a fascinating blend of Alaska Native history, Russian heritage, Gold Rush history, and modern “Alaskana” lifestyles. Many of Alaska’s cultural tours combine Alaska Native and non-Native cultures in informative tours that bring Alaska’s history to life. Alaska historical tours take visitors back in time to experience significant events like the Klondike Gold Rush, the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, or life in a salmon cannery in the early 1900s.

A large part of what makes Alaska unforgettable is its heartbeat of Alaska Native culture. Alaska Native cultural tours highlight the indigenous people unique to the area, possibly including dance performances in Southcentral or demonstrations of traditional practices like totem carving in the Southeast.

There is indeed a living legacy of Alaska’s vibrant history in the state’s Alaska Native people and the heritage of Alaska’s earliest residents. Alaska’s cultural experiences are accessible for you to discover – they are woven into every corner of the state, preserved, protected, and even reflected in modern Alaska life, which you can experience on a city sightseeing tour.

Enjoy exploring and experiencing Alaska’s history and culture, past and present!


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