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An insider's journey through Alaska's best kept secrets

There’s nothing quite as powerful as a good story. If you’re planning a vacation to Alaska, this is a great place to get inspiration and ideas. From travel tips to insider perspectives, from wildlife facts to photos and videos, you’ll begin to see why Alaska will be one of your favorite destinations to visit – for years to come.

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Alaska’s Must Eats

Appetite for Alaska: The great state’s must-eat meals Every journey around the Last Frontier is filled with Alaska flavor – figuratively and literally! Special sights, sounds and smells will overwhelm your senses in a dramatic way. And then there are the savory tastes you’ll only find up north. You aren’t likely to see Baked Alaska on menus around these parts –... Read More

Anchorage’s Coastal Trail: A walk (jog, bike ride, or ski) to remember

When people dream of visiting Alaska, thoughts often drift to the unique and untamed wilds of the state. Eagles, moose, salmon and even a rare bear or beluga whale sighting. The grandeur of massive, snowcapped peaks. Denali towering on the distant horizon. Lush green forests. Tranquil blue waterways. For travelers, imagination becomes reality as those amazing aspects of Alaska’s environment combine... Read More

What to do on your second Alaska trip

If you have traveled to Alaska, there’s a pretty good chance you’re savoring those memories while also daydreaming about your return. Alaska just gets under your skin. And while it is enticing to recreate an itinerary similar to your first – because that was so amazing and the planning would be easy – Alaska is very, very big and its... Read More

Why is Juneau the state capital of Alaska?

When it comes to conversations around Alaska’s unique geography, topics are dependably fascinating and practically infinite. What’s the distance of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race? (The traditional route is 1,149 miles.) What’s the proper name of the state’s great mountain: McKinley or Denali? (Alaskans and the federal government agree, the 20,310-foot peak is Denali.) Just how big is America’s biggest state? (663,268... Read More

A Weekend in Nome

I live in Anchorage and I’m always craving new adventures.  When I discovered that there were over 200 miles of road I had not been on in Northwestern Alaska, I grabbed a friend and we hopped a plane to Nome. Our 3-day road trip began with a 2-hour flight from Anchorage.  Nome sits on the shores of the Bering Sea with... Read More

Exploring McCarthy, Kennicott, and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska

McCarthy, Kennicott & Wrangell-St. Elias: A Motherlode of Magnificent Mountains and Alaska Mining History   Located at the end of one of Alaska’s roughest rural roads, and set deep in the Interior and mountainous wilds of America’s largest national park, the 13.2 million acre Wrangell-St. Elias National Park has two tiny towns with one big history: Kennicott and McCarthy. This is where... Read More

The Northern Lights: Why Do We See This Strange But Beautiful Phenomenon?

Special Guest Blog by Dr. Melanie Windridge, author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights What are the Northern Lights? The swirling arcs of the Aurora Borealis or "the Northern Lights" that we see are actually billions of oxygen and nitrogen atoms being struck by charged particles and emitting tiny flashes of light high up in the polar night sky –... Read More

A Quick and Simple Alaska King Crab Recipe

From the depths of the sea comes a meal fit for a king, queen, prince, princess and anyone who likes to treat themselves: Alaska King Crab. Sure, these big beasts look intimidating and you’ll have to often work for it, shell-cracking to get to the thick meat hidden within its legs. But all of that effort is instantly forgotten when... Read More